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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the investments offers of the recycle-house Limited for get profit?

  • You have make a registration and then make a deposit to any investment plan of our company.


Who manage my funds?

Your funds are managed by the commercial and financial specialists of our company


How should I create my account?

To create your account you should to browse our "Get started" page of our website


How can I put money on my recycle-house investment plan?

Before make an investment you can to browse our "Get started" page of our website


What payment processors are used in the recycle-house?

You can use the following payment processors: BitcoinPerfect Money


What if I don’t have an any e-wallets?

If you don’t have an any e-wallets, we recommend that e-wallets be created in advance. Before starting your cooperation with us


Will I have to give any personal info?

Yes. You have to provide some personal information at registration of your recycle-house account


How is it safely the personal information providing?

It is absolutely safely. For more info about it you can to know, reading our "Privacy Policy" page of our website


How long I will wait in order to my money will have added to my account?

After you made a deposit your money will be added to your account instantly. In case if you used the Bitcoin payment processor, it may take some time, usually no more than 30 minutes


When I will my profit get after my request for withdrawal has been created?

You will get your money no later than 36 hours. Usually it will done faster


What should I do if my password is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen password, contact our customer support immediately. You should do this in any case. Please be prepared to give us your "secret question" and "secret answer" for verification purposes


What should I do if I enter the wrong or incorrect my payment data, or I forgot to type this data at registration?

To request for changing of your payment data, contact our customer support. You can not do it on your own. Please be prepared to give us your "secret question" and "secret answer" for verification purpose


What is this:

It is your secret question and secret answer, which have been created by youself at your Tea House INC Limited account registration. So, it is very important, that this data must be kept by you at safety conditions in any case


What should I do if I want to change my e-mail?

The e-mail changing is impossible


How many accounts I can create in the recycle-house?

You can create only one recycle-house account. We can very easily and pinpoint who is causing us of such kind problems, making the multiple registrations. We will checking your IP-address, your PC’s ID and other identificators. And in case, if we will discover the customer’s multiple registrations, we shall block all accounts of such customer and all money which can be at all of such accounts are will be taken away irrevocably. So, DO NOT MAKE the multiple accounts registrations, please


What should I do if I want to change my upline?

The upline changing is impossible


What should I know about specifics of your investment solutions?

All you must to know in regard of our investment solutions – you will get worthy money for your deposits without any additional conditions. All conditions regarding of our investment solutions are shown above and it is an exhaustive list of conditions of use of our investment solutions


Does your services and investment plans require any other additional conditions?

You have agreed our Rules. It is all what you need for participate in our investment program


When I will receive reply for my issue?

If you made any request to our customer support, we reserve the right to take upto 5 business days for the reply. It will depend from the workload of our customer support at this moment


Where can I get more information?

For additional information or questions, please contact a customer support.