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About Us

We do the job of collecting or buying various used products that are generated in our lives and repairing them so that they can be reused.This can be a big profit by investing a small amount of money, We are in close cooperation with engineers and salespeople in order to help him to create a more comfortable environment for us to live in. In order to secure a better return, The Company has concentrated on establishing a store and securing a trading partner and maximizing profit generation by dividing the profits generated by the members into memberships The investment amount of the members is used to establish a shop and purchase products, I believe that it is necessary to contribute to the revitalization of a better investment by generating profits for the real estate business because it is the basis of real business transactions. If you can Because we can not generate as much profit as we expected at times, we will try to calculate the profits of each and every one of our members, and try to minimize the loss. It is not a bank, it sometimes acts as a point of failure, but we are made up of experts who can maximize their efficiency and gain profits. This is not a treasure quote or a gift, do not invest in a real thing.